Monthly Archives: February 2012

Photo Crop Editor v2.02

hoto Crop Editor is an Interactive Photo Editor software for selecting and removing an object in a picture or photograph from its background. The user can then compose the result on a different background to create a new scene. Interactive Photo Editor works even if foreground and background colors are similar.

USBDeview 2.05

USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.

Hybrid L v2.1.0.1 Bilanguage

Extensive HTML Development. Unicode source editor, integrated browser and WYSIWYG designer. Source editor privides syntax highlighting, code proposals and line numbering. Find/Replace in multiple files with failure check. Hybrid L is an extensive HTML editor. It includes a source code editor, a browser view and designer to use WYSIWYG features to edit your HTML pages. But HybridL is not a construction kit to combine predefined elements for people without any knowledge of HTML. You have full access to the code and no limits in designing your HTML pages. So it is very helpful to have at least a minimum of understanding what HTML is and how to use it.

Download Ace Translator Portable

Ace Translator – Program for translation of any texts from foreign languages ​​into Russian and back. The new interface in the style of Ace Translator. Improved translation mechanism ensures a high quality translation updated thanks to a linguistic algorithms even though what they were at one meter data.

Uninstall Tool Final

Uninstall Tool – Ultra small program that replaces the awkward and tyazhelovestnuyu standard installation program and uninstall Windows. It’s fast, safe and convenient way to completely remove a variety of installed programs on your computer, it also applies to entries in the registry, which often remain after the removal of applications a standard way and increase the speed of your computer. It has many options, settings and options not available in standard analog from Microsoft!